PMA Ex-System

Please note:

Due to changes in the standards called up by the ATEX directive PMA has developed a new product line for hazardous applications. The former PMA Ex system no longer complies with all the current standards and will be phased out after a transition Phase.
The products should not be designed in to new applications.


The newly developed product line which is both ATEX and IECEx approved is being marketed together with a much broader portfolio of cable protection products under the brand name Kopex-EX

For existing PMA-EX applications please contact your local distribution partner

For more information, you can also contact PMA directly


Atex certified
This product line contains products made of specially modified, electrostatic load discharging polyamide material for use in explosions endangered zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust) according to ATEX 137. The system technology is based on the PMA protection system for highest requirements proven for more than 30 years.

Connectors (1)
Straight, 45° elbow, 90° elbow, 90° curved elbow, distributors and supports. 

Safety system 
Patented safety clip system for connection
with PMA conduit. 

Modes of protection 

General technical details Ex-System 

Simple „push-in“ installation (IP66),
safety and sealing system (IP68). 

Standard colour 

1) Further ATEX approved products regarding the standard PMAFIX range are available on request.


Atex certificate 1 Atex certificate 2

Declaration of

Declaration of Conformity

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PMA Ex-system Multilayer Conduits XESX 

Multilayer conduits

XESX Three layer corrugated conduit

PMA Ex-system Connectors, metal threads 

Connectors, metal metric threads (pat.)

ENV straight
ENZ straight with strain relief, Pflitsch
EAV 45° elbow
EBV 90° curved elbow
EWV 90° elbow

PMA Ex-system Connector, female metal thread 

Connectors, female metal threads (pat.)

EIR metric

PMA Ex-system EMC-Connector 


HEAK EMC-Adapter with conical braid clamp, metric thread

Ex-system System supports 


EH-0 System support, one-piece
EPS System support, one-piece stackable

PMA Ex-system conduit connection / Splice connector 

Conduit connections / Connection splices (pat.)

ENR-REM Connection, metric
ESGR Connection splice for flexible conduits

PMA Ex-system Conduit adapter 

Conduit adapters


PMA Ex-system Distributors 

Distributors (pat.)

EYR Y Piece
ETR T Piece

PMA Ex-system Hexagonal lock nuts 

Hexagonal lock nuts

GMM Hexagonal lock nut